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Type 1 Spark Gap Arrester

DIN-rail AC Spark Gap Surge Arrester - FLP50 series

DIN-Rail AC Type 1 Lightning Current Surge Arrester FLP50 series is developed as the best solution available to protect service entrance at an industrial site, especially those with existing lightning protection systems or meshed cage applications.

FLP50-275/4+0 for three phase TN-S networks

FLP50-275/3+1 for three phase TT and TN-S

FLP50-275/3+0 for three phase TN-C networks

FLP50-275/2+0 for single phase TN-S networks

FLP50-275/1+1 for single phase TT and TN-S

FLP50-275/1+0 for for single phase TN-S, TN-C, TT (only L-N)

Unique Trigger Release Technology

Thanks to unique trigger release, effectively solve the isolation and extinguishing arc

Type 1 Spark Gap Arrester

DIN-rail AC Spark Gap Surge Arrester - FLP50 series

FLP20 series DIN-Rail AC Type 1 Spark Gap Arrester are particularly useful in a high lightning density area where the risk of heavy surge current or even direct strike is high (eg: buildings equipped with lightning rods).


Nominal voltage Un: 120V 230V 400V

Max. continuous operating voltage Uc: 150V 275V 320V 385V 440V

Type 1 / Class I / Class B

Impulse discharge current (10/350 μs) Iimp = 50kA @ Type 1

Protective elements: ten layer graphite

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Installation Instructions

TUV Certificate

CB Certificate

CE Certificate

Type 1 Spark Gap Arrester Price

Reliable Type 1 Spark Gap Surge Arrester is designed to meet the protection needs of installations against lightning and surges. Get Type 1 SPD price now!

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