600V DC Surge Protection

600V DC SPD Manufacturer

DC Surge Protection Device for PV / Solar / Inverter

Unprotected PV systems will suffer repeated and significant damages.

This results in substantial repair and replacement costs, system downtime and loss of revenue.

Properly installed surge protective devices (SPDs) will minimize the potential impact of lightning events.

We are a trusted surge protection devices manufacturer in China specializing in manufacturing high-quality SPDs.

With a thorough understanding of standards and regulations, LSP manufactures millions of dc surge protection devices (DC SPD) every year.

600V DC SPD Type 1+2

DC Surge Protection Device for PV / Solar / Inverter

Type 1+2 DC Surge Protective Device SPD up to 600 V DC for photovoltaic PV / solar system, independently tested safety through TUV and CB approval.

for 600V DC

for 600V DC

Unique Trigger Release Technology

Thanks to unique trigger release, effectively solve the isolation and extinguishing arc

Wiring Diagram & Installation

DC Surge Protection Device for PV / Solar / Inverter

600V DC SPD Type 1+2 Surge Protection Device can be with or without remote signaling.

Wiring Diagram:

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Wiring Diagram

600V DC SPD Type 1 + Type 2

DC Surge Protection Device for PV / Solar / Inverter

High operational reliability, thanks to a short-circuit current rating up to 1000 A.


Max. continuous operating voltage Ucpv: 600V

Type 1+2 / Class I+II / Class B+C

Impulse discharge current (10/350 μs) Iimp = 6,25kA @ Type 1

Nominal discharge current (8/20 μs) In = 20kA @ Type 2

Maximum discharge current (8/20 μs) Imax = 40kA @ Type 2

Protective elements: High Energy Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV)

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Installation Instructions

CE Certificate

600V DC SPD Type 1+2 Price

Reliable 600V DC SPD Type 1+2 is designed to meet the protection needs of installations against lightning and surges. Get DC SPD price now!

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