About us

Who's LSP?

Since 2010, LSP has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing reliable and superior surge protective devices (SPDs) protecting installations around the world from transient overvoltages that result from switching events and lightning strikes.

With a thorough understanding of standards and regulations, along with continuous investment in R&D, LSP designs, manufactures and sells millions of SPD’s every year.

Our teams are proud to help bring the market a comprehensive product range of surge protectors with our unique client-focused service & quality.

Unique, like each of our clients.

Unique, as our strategic vision that places financial independence, international technical collaboration and strong individual commitment, at the forefront.

A family company, our philosophy is to offer innovative and reliable surge protective devices (SPDs) to the closest possible to the market demand.

We're Moving Your Power Grid Project Forward

LSP is known as a professional surge protective devices supplier well equipped with highly efficient production capabilities. We have a reputation for exceptional quality and unparalleled services recognized by many prestigious brands domestic and abroad. LSP is the right choice for you.

12 Years of Surge Protection Focus

Our 12 years of experience working in the surge protective device industry guarantees the quality of the products we produce.

Solid Supply Chain System

Our reliable suppliers guarantee a steady supply of quality SPD components even during peak periods.

Flexible Logistics Management

We connect with trusted logistics companies, providing you with versatile delivery methods for your surge protective devices.

Efficient ERP Office System

We utilize a high efficient ERP office system to optimize our productivity and traceability, serving you better and more efficiently.

Qualified Engineers

Our knowledge and dedicated engineers excel in designing and manufacturing excellent components to satisfy your needs.

0.01% Defect Rate

Our manufacturing floor implements rigorous quality control that ensures almost all of our SPD components perform above standards.

Reliable Solutions Got You Covered

By being our partner, you can take advantage of impactful and highly efficient customization solutions.

Your Potential Challenges

Our Specific Solutions

Slow Lead Time

When presented with daunting large orders, many manufacturers struggle to meet the deadline. Your projects and orders may be interrupted by late delivery.

Fast Lead Time

With our streamlined production and partnership with reliable logistic companies, we can complete large volume orders of quality surge protective devices on time.

Involvement of Multiple Suppliers

You might have to go to different suppliers in order to obtain various components that you need to complete your projects and orders, resulting in loss of time and increased costs.

One-Stop Purchasing

We are capable of designing and manufacturing a wide range of surge protective devices for you, saving you sourcing time and costs.

Short Warranty Period

Some manufacturers may only provide inadequate warranty on your surge protective devices, leaving you to deal with repair or replacement costs once you exceed the warranty period.

5 years Warranty

You can feel confident about using our surge protective devices that come with 5 years warranty periods. With our warranty, your equipment will have a significantly longer service life.

Poor Quality

Poor quality results in malfunction and a short operation period of the components, and you may struggle with frequent maintenance and power interruptions.

Superb Quality

Our certified quality management system ensures that only products and services of the highest quality are supplied to our customers.

Meticulous Factory Tests

Meticulous factory tests will be conducted thoroughly on each product before warehousing to ensure premium performance.

Impact Discharge Current Test

Transient Overvoltage TOV Test

Thermal Stability Test

Aging Test

Flame Retardant Test

Insulation Test

Our History

LSP can now look back on 12 years of a successful history of development, expertise, manufacture and sales of surge protective devices into the whole world. We will continually strive to bring premium products and exceptional services to you.

From the first SLP40 at the start to more than 10 types of SPDs for use in various application areas of everyday life. From one single employee to a team of nearly 30 people. From a production area of only a few square meters to a modern facility of 2,500 m2.

And we are fully dedicated to transforming the successful history into excellent future opportunities.

Our priority is to develop actively the expertise and business at the area of surge protection devices, based on defined long-term objectives, with the involvement of our whole team.


Foundation of Company

Our company was formed by our experienced and dedicated founder, who was committed to becoming an internationally competitive surge protection devices (SPDs) manufacturer.



Establishment of LSP Brand

We built a website and passed ISO9001 quality system certification. As we have earned domestic trust, we successfully registered our company logo to start the LSP brand.



New Generation of SPDs Type 2

A new generation of SPDs type 2 is brought onto the market – the SLP series with removable modules.



Extend Product Range

The product series FLP is presented to the world! A brand-new technology combining varistors and surge protectors into a new SPD of 1+2 type.



Pass ISO Audit

Owing to our tireless efforts to improve our quality, we passed the ISO audit again.



Brand Promotion

Based on official website, we invest on the internet advertisement include Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), email marketing.



Fast Growth

We start a long-term production and development cooperation with some famous brands and made in various design series.



More efficient and improving

We erect a new production and warehouse facility for the purpose of making the production and logistic processes more efficient and improving the working environment.



New production platform

We moved into a new production platform and achieve semi-automatic production



Cooperation with Global Companies

Building cooperation with global companies helped us attract global attention. In no time, we obtained TUV and CB certification of surge protective devices.



Turnover Breakthrough

As we expanded our customer base, our annual performance exceeded 10 million RMB.



Looking Forward to the Future

By working with our global partners and customers, we will continue to innovate and make great progress.


LSP's Executive Team

LSP is run by the Executive Team who between them cover all facets of LSP business. From R&D, Operations, Product, Marketing to Sales, when this team work together, nothing can get in their way.

Glen Zhu

Glen Zhu

Marketing manager

Jeff Zhuo

Jeff Zhuo

Product Consultant

Vincent Zhuo

Vincent Zhou

Logistics Manager

Hamilton Zhang

Hamilton Zhang

IT Manager

Ammy Zhuo

Ammy Zhuo

Finance, Accounting

William Zhu

William Zhu

R&D Manager

Yilong Zhang

Yilong Zhang

Production manager

Yu Zhang

Yu Zhang

QC Manager

Guojun Lan

Guojun Lan

Testing Engineer

Your safety, our concern!

LSP’s reliable surge protective devices are designed to meet the protection needs of installations against lightning and surges that disrupt equipment operation, cause failures, reduce their lifespan, or even destroy them.

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