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AC Surge Protective Devices

Type 1, type 2, type 3 surge protective devices (SPDs) for AC power supply systems with premium quality and unmatched reliability.

Type 1 SPD

Type 1+2 SPD

Type 1+2 SPD

Type 2 SPD

DC Surge Protection Devices

Type 1+2, type 2 surge protective devices (SPDs) for Solar Panel / PV / DC / Inverter with premium quality and unmatched reliability.

Type 1+2 SPD

Type 1+2 SPD

Type 2 SPD

Type 2 SPD

Application of Surge Protective Devices

LSP’s wide range of surge protective devices (SPDs) for photovoltaic, energy storage systems, solar farm, LED lighting, cell sites, industrial sites, security systems, water treatment facilities, datacenter etc.

Surge protection for PV power plants installations

PV power plants present a high risk of direct lightning impact and surges due to the large exposed area and the long lengths of the electric conductors.

PV surge protection for industrial and public building

In order to avoid very costly downtime and lost productivity resulting from a direct or indirect lightning strike.

Photovoltaic Surge Protection for Residential Installation

Consider surge protecting the AC output of the Inverter that connects directly into the electric power grid as well as the DC input side of the Inverter fed by the PV modules.

Surge protection for Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

The Energy Storage System (ESS) respond, either, to a financial issue to improve energy management (peak management/frequency regulation).

Surge Protection for Industrial sites

The cost of fully surge protecting an industrial plant is limited and provides peace of mind that your system will be operational when you need it most.

Surge Protection for cell sites

The location on high points, the presence of pylons (increased risk of impact) and the use of sensitive equipment make the mobile phone stations the privileged victims of the lightning.

Certified by TUV-Rheinland

TUV, CB and CE certification. Surge Protective Devices (SPD) tested accroding to IEC/EN 61643-11 and IEC/EN 61643-31.

TUV Certificate AC Surge Protective Device SPD Type 1 Type 2 FLP12,5-275 FLP7-275
CB Certificate AC Surge Protective Device SPD Type 1 Type 2 FLP12,5-275 FLP7-275
CE Certificate AC Surge Protective Device SPD Type 1 Type 2 FLP12,5-275 FLP7-275


We assist you with every step to turn your requirements into tangible surge protective devices (SPDs) with professional and experienced engineers backing up.

AC Surge Protective Device SPD Type 1 Class B FLP25-275 3+1

Type 1 SPD

AC Surge Protection Device SPD Class B+C Type 1 Type 2 FLP12,5-275 3+1

Type 1+2 SPD

AC Surge Protection Device SPD Type 2 Class C SLP40-275 3+1

Type 2 SPD

AC Surge Protection Device SPD Type 2 Class C SLP40K-275 1+1

Compact SPD

Customers Testimonial

Created with reliable materials and refined workmanship, by utilizing modular design and reasonable internal structure, our surge protective devices (SPDs) boast excellent arc extinguishing performance to suit your specific site requirements. 

LSP is one of the best companies that we work with. Surge protective devices provided by LSP are state of the art, excellent quality and most importantly carry all of the necessary international agency approvals such as TUV, CB, CE which is extremely important in the France.
Tim Wolstenholme
LSP is the most professional manufacturer of surge protective devices to any level of protection required…is one of the very few companies offering a full capability of test equipment and engineers to confirm the parameters of all their surge designs and products.
Edward Woo
After cooperated with LSP, I can say that LSP is a high standard company with high technical engineers and factory staff. Working with LSP is so easily done because all questions regarding their surge protective devices range are so easily explained and quickly delivered.
Frank Tido

Surge Protective Device (SPD) Guidelines

LSP Guide to Surge Protective Devices (SPDs): selection, application and theory

Your safety, our concern!

LSP’s reliable surge protective devices are designed to meet the protection needs of installations against lightning and surges that disrupt equipment operation, cause failures, reduce their lifespan, or even destroy them.

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