Who’s LSP

Who's LSP?

Since 2010, LSP has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing reliable and superior surge protective devices (SPDs) protecting installations around the world from transient overvoltages that result from switching events and lightning strikes.

With a thorough understanding of standards and regulations, along with continuous investment in R&D, LSP designs, manufactures and sells millions of SPD’s every year.

Our teams are proud to help bring the market a comprehensive product range of surge protectors with our unique client-focused service & quality.

Unique, like each of our clients.

Unique, as our strategic vision that places financial independence, international technical collaboration and strong individual commitment, at the forefront.

A family company, our philosophy is to offer innovative and reliable surge protective devices (SPDs) to the closest possible to the market demand.

We're Moving Your Power Grid Project Forward

LSP is known as a professional surge protective devices supplier well equipped with highly efficient production capabilities. We have a reputation for exceptional quality and unparalleled services recognized by many prestigious brands domestic and abroad. LSP is the right choice for you.

12 Years of Surge Protection Focus

Our 12 years of experience working in the surge protective device industry guarantees the quality of the products we produce.

Solid Supply Chain System

Our reliable suppliers guarantee a steady supply of quality SPD components even during peak periods.

Flexible Logistics Management

We connect with trusted logistics companies, providing you with versatile delivery methods for your surge protective devices.

Efficient ERP Office System

We utilize a high efficient ERP office system to optimize our productivity and traceability, serving you better and more efficiently.

Qualified Engineers

Our knowledge and dedicated engineers excel in designing and manufacturing excellent components to satisfy your needs.

0.0001% Defect Rate

Our manufacturing floor implements rigorous quality control that ensures almost all of our SPD components perform above standards.

Reliable Solutions Got You Covered

By being our partner, you can take advantage of impactful and highly efficient customization solutions.

Your Potential Challenges

Our Specific Solutions

Slow Lead Time

When presented with daunting large orders, many manufacturers struggle to meet the deadline. Your projects and orders may be interrupted by late delivery.

Fast Lead Time

With our streamlined production and partnership with reliable logistic companies, we can complete large volume orders of quality surge protective devices on time.

Involvement of Multiple Suppliers

You might have to go to different suppliers in order to obtain various components that you need to complete your projects and orders, resulting in loss of time and increased costs.

One-Stop Purchasing

We are capable of designing and manufacturing a wide range of surge protective devices for you, saving you sourcing time and costs.

Short Warranty Period

Some manufacturers may only provide inadequate warranty on your surge protective devices, leaving you to deal with repair or replacement costs once you exceed the warranty period.

5 years Warranty

You can feel confident about using our surge protective devices that come with 5 years warranty periods. With our warranty, your equipment will have a significantly longer service life.

Poor Quality

Poor quality results in malfunction and a short operation period of the components, and you may struggle with frequent maintenance and power interruptions.

Superb Quality

Our certified quality management system ensures that only products and services of the highest quality are supplied to our customers.

Your safety, our concern!

LSP’s reliable surge protective devices are designed to meet the protection needs of installations against lightning and surges that disrupt equipment operation, cause failures, reduce their lifespan, or even destroy them.

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