Surge Protection for Agrivoltaic

Surge Protector for Agrivoltaic

Created by: Glen Zhu | Updated Date: October 11th, 2023

Surge Protection for Farms and Agriculture

Surge Protection Devices for Agriculture Applications

– reduces agricultural losses, supercharges profits

Surge protection devices (SPDs) will mitigate many common electrical problems experienced by agriculture applications.

It can dramatically improve the total operating efficiency and reliability of the electrical system.

Common problems associated with surges and transients include:

  • Lightning
  • Wind slap
  • Grid switching
  • Surges created by neighbours on the same grid
  • Back-up generator switching on and off
  • Back-up generator switching on and off

Optimizing the Benefits of Dual-Use Farming and Agriculture:

  • Designed to Maximize Energy Production & Crop Yield
  • With the ability to put solar panels at any height, farmers can avoid sacrificing land.
  • Keep crops & soil cooler/healthier in the summer
  • Provide needed shade for workers and cattle-grazing
  • Extend irrigation to dry patches of land

surge protection addressing a multitude of applications unique to farming communities, including:

  • Drive protection
  • PLC and ventilation control protection
  • Main incoming
  • RFID systems
  • Feed mills
  • Laundry room, washing machine VFD’s
  • Milking parlours
  • The unit at the distribution panels in the barns will isolate the individual circuits from each other, stopping internal surges created by motors, pumps, drives, and ballasts from damaging each other.

Type 1 surge protector

If the PV field is equipped with lightning rod systems (rods, open-air wiring…) Type 1 surge protectors are compulsory at the AC input.

On the DC side, Type 1 surge protectors are compulsory at the inverters’ DC output as defined by CLC/TS 50539-12.

Due to the long lengths of cabling required to connect numerous strings running throughout the PV farm, additional surge protectors are required at the input of the PV modules as well.

PV Type 2 surge protector

Depending on the level of lightning strike in the installation area, a Type 2 SPD on the DC network at the inverter input may be required. In the presence of non-isolated lightning rod, a Type 1 SPD is required.

Type 2 AC Surge protector

If the length of conductor between the surge protector in the main panel and the PV inverter exceeds 10 m, a Type 2 surge protector must be installed on the AC side of the inverter.

Agrivoltaic sites have a high risk of being subjected to lightning surges because of the surface area exposed, the risk of direct impact, the long lengths of conductor deployment and the excessive operating losses: it will therefore be compulsory to install lightning arresters at key points in the installation.

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