Surge Protection Device Malaysia, India, UK

Surge Protection Device Malaysia, India, UK

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AC and DC Electrical Power Surge Protection Device SPD / TVSS / Arrester Contractor / Manufacturer / Supplier Malaysia, India, UK

Quality Surge Protection Devices at Affordable Price in Malaysia, India, UK

Surge Protective Device (SPD):

For the protection of consumer equipment against transient voltage caused by an indirect lightning strike and switching operations.

Use in domestic, commercial, and light industrial installations.

Surge protective devices: a complete range

LSP SPD’s protect electric and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning and switching transient sources.


  • The protection cartridge is easy to replace, no need to cut off the power supply,
  • The implementation has been simplified by connecting Surge Protective Devices to earth in parallel (shunt) and/or in series,
  • Less references.

A complete offer with multiple advantages

These transients can cause anything from the premature aging of equipment, logic failures and downtime, to the complete destruction of electrical components and the entire electrical distribution system. Surge protective devices are strongly recommended in sites that are exposed and prone to lightning, to protect sensitive and expensive electrical appliances.

The LSP surge protective devices offer is practical to implement and the references can be easily chosen.

For any SPD requirement - LSP has the offer

  • SPDs type 1: where the building is fitted with lightning conductors.
  • SPDs type 2: for general protection.
  • SPDs for fine protection: to protect very sensitive electronic equipment.
  • SPDs for telephone lines: For the protection of receiver against transient current surge conducted via telephone lines.
  • SPDs for PV protection system: where the buildings are fitted with solar panels that use DC voltage.

Plug-in cartridges

Available for all current discharge capacities (100kA, 40kA, 20kA), for surge protective devices type 2 (IEC-61643). Plug-in cartridges make replacement of the protection easier, without need to cut off the power supply. Available with or without condition indicator.

In addition, a special plug slot system on the socket will prevent a line cartridge being interchanged by mistake with a neutral one and vice versa.

AC and DC Electrical Power Surge Protection Device SPD / TVSS / Arrester Contractor / Manufacturer / Supplier Malaysia, India, UK

Surge Protection Device (SPD):

The surge protection device (SPD) is a component of the electrical installation protection system. This device is connected in parallel on the power supply circuit of the loads that it has to protect. It can also be used at all levels of the power supply network. This is the most commonly used and most efficient type of overvoltage protection.

Lightning surge protection device (SPD) with plug in cartridge ensure general protection of electric equipment and protection in common and differential mode for domestic, industrial and commercial buildings. SPDs protect electric and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning and switching transient sources. For a residential building, SPD serves as “1st line of defence” when it is installed at the main incoming power distribution board (DB).

The SPD is designed to be easily installed in power and control panels using standard DIN-rail mounting brackets. This series of product offers 20,000 – 100,000 amps of both normal and common mode surge protection.

The SPD is available in single-phase, split-phase, three-phase (3 wires) and three-phase (4 wires) configurations. Replaceable modules allow for easy maintenance and mount directly into the SPD base assembly, simplifying the replacement process.

The status of the surge protector modules can be monitored through the indicator lenses or remotely through the alarm terminals (optional features). Available as an option, the replacement cartridge allows simple replacement without the need to cut off the power supply, Cartridges are available for all discharge currents (80kA, 60kA, 40kA, 20kA) with an indicator.

SPD effectively reduces the interference coupling that can occur from transient surge voltages, even significantly below the limits prescribed by insulation coordination according to EN 60664-3 / DIN VDE 0110-3. This means that the entire system is exposed to less malfunction. We offer different products for different main types and voltage levels. Even for photovoltaic (Solar energy systems) applications, there is special protection according to IEC/EN 61643-31.

Surge Protection Device (SPD) normative definition & specifications


Direct lightning stroke

Indirect lightning stroke

Indirect lightning stroke

IEC 61643-1:2005

Class I test

Class II test

Class III test

IEC 61643-11:2011

Type 1 / T1

Type 2 / T2

Type 3 / T3

EN 61643-11:2012 + A11:2018

Type 1 / T1

Type 2 / T2

Type 3 / T3

VDE 0675-6-11

Class B

Class C

Class D

Type of test wave

10/350 μs

8/20 μs

1.2/50 μs + 8/20 μs


Iimp – Impulse discharge current (kA)

In – Norminal discharge current (kA)

Imax – Maximum discharge current (kA)

Uoc – Open-circuit voltage (kV)

Surge Discharge

100kA / 50kA / 25kA / 12.5kA / 7kA

In: 10kA / 20kA / 30kA / 40kA / 60kA

Imax: 20kA / 40kA / 60kA / 80kA / 100kA

Uoc: 6kV / 10kV / 20kV

Point of use

The point of entry to the building, as close as possible to a protected device



Protection modes


Different Type of SPDs

SPD type 1: Where the building is fitted with lightning conductors. The Type 1 SPD is recommended in the specific case of service-sector and industrial buildings, protected by a lightning protection system or a meshed cage. It protects electrical installations against direct lightning strokes. It can discharge the back-current from lightning spreading from the earth conductor to the network conductors. Type 1 SPD is characterized by a 10/350 µs current wave.

SPD type 2: Installed at distribution board (DB) within a building. The first gate to prevent lightning strikes from entering your house via electricity supply line. The Type 2 SPD is the main protection system for all low voltage electrical installations. Installed in each electrical switchboard, it prevents the spread of overvoltages in the electrical installations and protects the loads. Type 2 SPD is characterized by an 8/20 µs current wave.

SPD type 3: These SPDs have a low discharge capacity. They must therefore mandatorily be installed as a supplement to Type 2 SPD and in the vicinity of sensitive loads. Type 3 SPD is characterized by a combination of voltage waves (1.2/50 μs) and current waves (8/20 μs).

AC and DC Electrical Power Surge Protection Device SPD / TVSS / Arrester Contractor / Manufacturer / Supplier Malaysia, India, UK

The surge protection device is a device to protect your electronic device and at the same time supply electric without fail.

In the 21th century, electronic equipment or appliances is important for our daily modern usage. Most of the electronic equipment is obviously power by electric. However, dealing with electronic comes with a risk which is power surge issue.

A power surge is the sudden increase in voltage that is so significantly high and way above the normal level which can cause electronic or devices fry and unusable. A power surge can cause a lot of damage to equipment that attached and sometimes it even takes life too.

A power surge is meant to protect valuable product such as a computer, server room, electrical switch room, etc. In order to protect that valuable product, surge protection devices are introduced to the market.

LSP carries a full range of surge protection devices in order to cater for different needs.

Telecommunication Surge Protection

In present, telecommunication is the most important device to be protected from a power surge.

Especially when nowadays there is a feature such as power over ethernet line that might fry your whole device when power surge happens and telecommunications device is not cheap.

Usually, an important project such as home, telecommunications devices room, service room required this power over ethernet line surge protection device. This device usually comes with an aluminum cover to protect the internal parts from the weather and other possible external force.

A cable is usually attached from device to ground to divert a sudden increase of voltage. The device also contains a clamping voltage to allow voltage to keep on running to avoid sudden power outage especially device such as server room chiller required a constant running even there is power surge to avoid device overheat.

Video Surge Protection

The sector that uses a lot of video connection to power up also require extensive power surge protection to have continuous service performance.

Usually, it is used on the new type of TV advertising equipment that can be found on roadside or billboard. This kind of product requires video surge protection to keep the advertising running with constant performance without any issue.

Another sector such as an internal mall or ballroom also required the protection of this device to avoid heavy losses of other attach equipment. Because video installation usually comes with a lot of attached device to make it fully functional and if there is any power surge happen suddenly the devices can help protect the video projector and as well as other attached product.

To know the full potential of the video surge protection, you can always enquire LSP for more technical info and alternate product.

Where to find Surge Protection Device SPD and Electrical Supplier in Malaysia, India, UK

LSP is a professional surge protective device (SPD) manufacturer that carries a broad range of surge protection devices for almost any products application in power, instrumentations & controls, network, data lines, coax and etc in Malaysia, India, UK to fit your needs.

Our supply surge protection device is designed to limit transient voltage and divert current wave to earth. Our surge protection device also limits the amplitude of this overvoltage to a safety value for electronic devices while at the same time allowing normal voltage to continue along its path.

As a professional surge protective device (SPD) manufacturer in Malaysia, India, UK, we are able to supply surge protection devices for your project requirement.

Submit your surge protection device SPD sourcing requirements either you are looking for a surge protection device SPD manufacturer/supplier/vendor in Malaysia, India, UK. Purchase your surge protection device SPD now by submitting your inquiry at

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