Meticulous Consultation

In creating the right surge protective devices (SPDs) for your business, we go through a meticulous consultation to learn all of your requirements and preferences. We provide a range of professional solutions to match your needs and recommend acceptable substitutes that help your operations.

Professional Project Management

To ensure that your order runs smoothly, we will assist you every step of the process and inform you of the progress of every project. Our team provides accurate product inspection reports that show our commitment to fulfilling your requirements with the most effective manufacturing methods and services.

Reliable Logistics Management

We have extensive experience working with the most responsive logistics agencies and exporting our surge protection devices (SPDs) to global markets. Our sound and solid logistics network will help you find suitable transport to deliver your orders to your destination within schedule.

Sturdy Packaging

Firmly packed within multilayer corrugated boxes and wooden pallets, your surge protective devices (SPDs) will be protected from any kind of harsh environment and they will arrive at your premises in excellent condition.

Hassle-Free After-Sales Care

5 years warranty we offer reassures our quality promise and allows you to enjoy free replacement of your SPD components. As we value your time, we provide punctual technical support and are available 24/7 for any after-sales services you require.

Service Quality

LSP: best-in-class service quality

From the technical expertise to the operational deployment, we are passionate about all aspects and topics related to SPDs.

Our teams are composed of engineers and SPD specialists who can bring forward the best insights and solutions. Our technical and sales teams are willing to share experience and knowledge.

Our teams place the user at the heart of their practice. Providing advice and training to their clients, they strive to bring the most appropriate product solution.

Our logistics: flexible, trustworthy, and committed, reassure our customers.

Quality Assurance

Reliable surge protection device adapted to all the different types of networks and all configurations of installations

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