DIN Rail Surge Protection

DIN Rail Surge Protection

Created by: Glen Zhu | Updated Date: Sep 20, 2022

What is DIN Rail Surge Protection?

A DIN rail is a metal rail of a standard type widely used for mounting circuit breakers, surge protection devices, and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks.

These products are typically made from cold-rolled carbon steel sheets with zinc-plated.

We LSP has developed DIN rail-mounted type 1, type 2, and type 3 surge protection devices (SPDs).

The SPD is designed to protect your equipment from transient overvoltage events.

They are IEC and EN compliant, IP20 finger-safe, and provide thermal protection to eliminate catastrophic failure.

The SPD is offered in multiple pole configurations for different types of distribution systems.

They are EN 60715 compliant and fit a 35 mm DIN rail.

They also feature a visual life indicator, gas discharge tube (GDT), and varistor technology options.

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DIN Rail Surge Protection

Surge Protective Devices are designed to protect against transient surge conditions. Large single surge events, such as lightning, can reach hundreds of thousands of volts and can cause immediate or intermittent equipment failure.

However, lightning and utility power anomalies only account for 20% of transient surges. The remaining 80% of surge activity is produced internally.

Although these surges may be smaller in magnitude, they occur more frequently and with continuous exposure can degrade sensitive electronic equipment within the facility.

DIN Rail AC Surge Protective Devices are connected in parallel and use an MOV to clamp high-voltage surges. These devices are primarily used in the main electrical panel for the protection of 1-phase and 3-phase systems.

 DIN Rail Products Solutions for the Low Voltage Range A consistent lightning protection system includes solutions ranging from Type 1 lightning protection to Type 2 surge protection and Type 3 end device protection.

An adjustable DIN rail mount allows for fast, convenient installation within any industrial control panel. Mounting: 35 mm top hat DIN rail  

Type 1 / Class I / Class B - DIN Rail Surge Protection Device

FLP25 series Iimp 25kA

Surges and voltage transients are a major cause of expensive electronic equipment failure and business disruption. Damage may result in the loss of capital outlays, such as computers and communications equipment, as well as consequential loss of revenue and profits due to unscheduled system downtime.

LSP offers multiple series of surge protective devices (SPDs) suitable for a vast range of applications that provide reliable protection from voltage transients on power distribution systems. The FLP25 Series DIN Rail Surge Protective Devices provide reliable and efficient protection against voltage transients within the IEC Class I and EN Type 1 environments.

Tested and independently certified to the IEC and EN standards, the FLP25 Series provides a range of compact, safe, and high surge-rated performance features for the harsh IEC Class I and EN Type 1 environment and is suitable for protection within a wide range of applications.

Type 2 / Class II / Class C - DIN Surge Protector

SLP40 series Imax 40kA

SLP40 is the range of devices for discharging induced transient overvoltages (Type 2 / Class II), in accordance with IEC 61643-11. DIN rail plug-in format.

Suitable for the second stage of protection in supply distribution panels in which Type 1 protection devices are installed, or for the first stage of protection in residential, commercial or other applications not exposed to direct strikes and with no external lightning protection system.

High discharge capacity with an 8/20 μs waveform. Imax: 40 kA or 30 kA. Exclusive devices for TNS, TNC, TT or isolated IT earthing systems. 120/208 V, 230/400 V, 277/480 V, 690 V networks. Remote and visual indication of life status of the protection device.

Mechanically pluggable cartridges depending on the network voltage, to avoid possible cartridge replacement errors.

Lightning bolt

Transient current spikes like a bolt of lightning can play havoc in your electrical equipment, costing you thousands of dollars in damage and line stoppages and even causing serious injury to your workforce.

These transients can come from a host of sources; from lightning strikes to the grounding of conductors. In any case, you need to protect your investment. The best way to do that is through the use of Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors (TVSS) also known as Surge Protection Devices (SPD).

These devices, if properly placed throughout your facility and grounded through a common ground reference point, will direct transient currents through low resistance grounding systems to protect your equipment.

Power Anomalies

Transients and surges. While they can be used separately, they both indicate the same phenomenon. They refer to current, voltage, or both with peak values of over 10 kV or 10 kA. They occur very rapidly in the surge, then trail off slowly.

Temporary Overvoltages (TOVs) are caused by load switching or ground impedance. They are oscillatory in nature, and can last anywhere from a few moments to several minutes. Prolonged TOVs can cause damage to SPDs.

IEC/EN break SPDs down into the groups mentioned below. There are a few more, but for the purposes of this blog, we will discuss the first two.

  • The first, Type 1, is intended to be connected at the point of entry for power into a building. It must be between the secondary coil of the transformer and the line side of the service disconnect overcurrent device. They are intended to be permanently connected and provide insulation from overcurrent surges from lightning strikes or power surges in the line. They are used as the primary surge arrestor for the line side.
  • The second, Type 2, is your second line of defense against a lightning strike. This device is connected to the load side of your service disconnect panel. Type 2s provide protection to any sensitive equipment in your system. Type 2 not only provides protection from lightning strikes, but also any motor-generated overcurrent, or internally generated surges. They are used as a surge arrestor for the load side.

LSP has developed a DIN rail-mounted surge protection device (SPD), it is designed to protect your equipment from transient overvoltage events. They are IEC and EN Compliant, IP20 finger-safe, and provide thermal protection to eliminate catastrophic failure.

The SPD is offered in multiple pole configurations for different types of distribution systems. They are EN60715 Compliant and fit a 35 mm DIN rail. They also feature a visual life indicator and Spark Gap and Varistor technology options.

The SPDs from LSP will protect your system from overvoltage and current events, please take a look at our DIN Rail Mount Surge Protection Devices (SPDs) list as below.

DIN Rail Surge Protection

for single and three-phase AC power supply systems TNC, TNC-S, TNS, TT, IT.

Your safety, our concern!

LSP’s reliable DIN Rail Surge Protection Device SPD are designed to meet the protection needs of installations against lightning and surges. Contact our Experts!

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